Client Successes

Don't take my word for it, hear what clients have to say.

  1. I wanted someone to be honest with me and push me to question why I need to take care of myself and connect to myself, first. Working with you, it was better than any school tuition I've paid, I learned about myself in personal and unique ways that's hard to find in other places. I was a little hesitant in spending a lot of money on myself, but you worked with me and provided options and set up a payment plan. Through our sessions, you helped me find agency in my decision-making, helped me to believe in my capabilities, and helped return my healing to me, which is the most powerful way of healing in my opinion. You slowed me down so that I could pay attention to my needs and my excuses. You gave me resources to sort through anxiety, perfectionism, and build confidence with baby steps. Why should other female entrepreneurs work with you? They should consider it a priority to work on themselves first, and you have a lot of exercises and insightful questions to help your clients build awareness and confidence, as you did with me.
    Xialou, Filmmaker & Story Teller (Minneapolis, USA)
  2. The investment was totally worth it. Since it was out of my budget, I worked diligently. I was thinking about taking a bookkeeping course but I am so glad that I chose working with you instead. I have been enjoying work so much more. I feel like I had a one-on-one tutor in a course we designed for my business. Now I feel ahead of the game. I treated this like tuition and held myself accountable. I worked harder and am now really benefiting. I now practice thinking about the end goal through small daily diversions. I think that's the centre of many solutions and skills I have gained ie: managing time and staff, self doubt, and making more money. Thank you Lana!
    Caro, City Revival (Picton, Canada)
  3. Watching your business grow made us confident that you would be able to help us. Your videos provided good examples of what working with you would feel like and what you would bring to the table, so we went for it! You make the really uncomfortable aspects of coaching (i.e., thinking on the spot, fear of feeling incompetent) non-threatening. You coached us to overcome our feelings of doubt within our business model. Working with you helped us realize that we were trying to accomplish too many things at once (jack of all trades, master of none). You've helped us shape the vision of our business and that has made success more attainable and realistic (simple). As a female entrepreneur, you understand the struggles that women who are pursuing business ventures encounter. You are extremely knowledgeable and insightful. You take your business seriously and it shows that helping female entrepreneurs is rewarding to you. You inspire us!
    Sarah & Sydney, The HiveFive (Halifax, Canada)